Runners Diary Cork visit to Penny Dinners

On Monday 12th December, Brian and Damian were thrilled to have the opportunity to present €1135 to Cork Penny Dinners. This money was raised during our coffee run fundraiser, held in the Marina Market. This was our first time to see the amazing work that Caitriona Twomey and all the other volunteers do there on a daily basis. 

This morning we were met by Caitriona who was delighted to accept the donation. Catriona expressed her thanks to everyone who donated to help raise this well needed amount of money.

Caitriona took us to the main room where we met with eight hard working volunteers. We were told that a lot of the girls were here from a local secondary school for the week, to help out. They were doing fantastic work, making a least two thousand sandwiches a day and packing bags full of food for those who need it. It was very moving to see the work  that goes into helping the people of Cork who need it. A lot of the volunteers were out during the night handing out hot chocolates and food bags to the homeless on Cork’s streets. Caitriona is doing everything she can to get as many people a place to sleep during these cold nights but has been met with challenges at every turn. As we left there were many men, women and children queuing to collect a hot drink and food.

It was tough to see so many ordinary people looking for support and help and it has made us more aware of the need to help these wonderful local cork charities like Penny Dinners. A massive thank you to Caitriona and all the other volunteers, we hope our donation from all who support the Runners Diary will be of benefit to the charity.

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