Conor McCauley: The man with more hobbies then Brian has grey hairs.

Conor McCauley: The runner, the singer, the farmer and the wood sculpturer.

We will have the pleasure of been joined by Leevale man Conor McCauley. If you have any questions for Conor please let us know. Contact us any of our social media platforms and we will make sure to ask Conor. Stay tuned for episode 28 coming Monday 16th January

Conor is a man of many talents and we will do our best to cover as many of these as we can, but that might take some time. Conor is best known for his running and will be spotted at plenty of road and cross country races across the city and beyond.

Conor is also a incredible musician. Singing and play the piano isn’t just enough for Conor though, he also makes wood cravings in his spare time. Check out Conor’s main YouTube channel and see for yourself how much talent this young man has.

Conor has also a set up his own farm which he took to YouTube to show his work, its worth a look for sure.

You can check out Conor’s YouTube channel here.

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