Martin’s blog week 3: I turned into the running version of David Attenborough

I do a lot of running on the Crosshaven road walkway. It’s nearby and has a lovely surface that’s perfect for running. The walkway goes right by the water and when the tide is in, it’s magical. I see all manner of creatures on my runs; swans, ducks, seagulls (no penguins!) One bird I see quite regularly is the heron. This week, while running down there I noticed one particular heron actually on the walkway. As I approached, the heron quietly strolled across my path without a care in the world. I slowed down to a walk (not much difference in the run/walk speed but anyway!) So I wouldn’t scare the bird. The heron didn’t seem bothered by my presence and just gracefully stood there on the path, taking in its surroundings as I walked by.

I warned an oncoming walker not to scare my new running friend at the side of the path. As I shuffled on I thought, this heron has it right, not a care in the world, just going about its business at its own pace. I found myself reflecting on my own running journey as I ran on. I haven’t trained for a marathon in seven years, while I’ve prepared for a half or two in the meantime, for me, nothing beats the training for a marathon.

I am sometimes guilty of putting the horse before the cart and charting out grand plans to run marathons here, there and everywhere. To get PBs, to have a crack off running a sub 3 hour marathon and qualifying for Boston, my ultimate dream. Whilst it is always great to have dreams and targets, I’ve realised lately that for me, it’s more important to stay in the moment and run the mile I’m in. To slow down, like my running friend the heron and take it all in, appreciate my surroundings and be grateful to be able to get out and run.

I did two strength and conditioning sessions and I ran five times this week for thirty delightful miles and I enjoyed each and every single one. Slow down this week, take it all in and happy running!

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