Martin O Leary’s Blog Week 11: Fun in the Sun.

Runners and golfers can be quite similar, while the sports are remarkably different, those
who participate in both can be comparable. Runners and golfers come in all shapes and
sizes. Runners have different running styles and golfers have different types of swings. Both sports are enjoyed and loved by people of all ages.

During my birthday celebrations I was lucky enough to both run and golf. While it was a bit of a down week mileage wise as I was
away in Spain, I did manage to get out running over there. I found a lovely route down by the beach in Fuengirola and I was in my element running by the water in the sunshine. The
longest run I did this week was 10 miles, but I was happy with my week’s training. There is
probably no harm in taking a step back in mileage, I have had a busy few weeks with races
and long runs so I am sure my body will appreciate it in the long run. Between runs and the celebrations, I played two rounds of golf in the sunshine also. Golf is a game that I have always had an interest in.

Apart from running, it is the other sport that I have played most in
more recent years. I always dabbled with the game in my youth, I worked in the bar doing
the bottles in Kinsale Golf Club and would nip out whenever I could. It was only in my 30s
that I became a member in the very same club. Both running and golf have taught me a few things. While the sports are totally different, the mentality required for both are quite similar. In both sports you have to have respect and honesty. Golf is a game that prides itself on honesty, you mark your own score after all and you need to have respect for the game and your playing partners. In running you have to respect the distance you are running and it requires an honesty of effort in both training and races. If you put in the work in both sports you will reap the benefits. I rocked up to the first tee recently to play a round of golf after not picking up a club for a few months.

While not expecting miracles I still expected to make contact with the ball and (maybe) find the fairway. I was wrong…I topped the ball and hit it 40 yards. I probably shouldn’t have expected much else after being away from the game for that long. I finished off my first hole with a double bogey 6. As the round progressed I started
to improve and a birdie on the last will get me back out on the course again sooner rather
than later. You see, in both sports patience is key. Golf and running can be frustrating at
times, but if you stick with them, both can be equally rewarding. Like my first tee adventures a few weeks ago, if you start running and expect to be racking up miles, you will be disappointed, it just won’t happen overnight. You need to start slowly, enjoy the small wins, keep doing little things right and they will eventually build up into bigger things. It’s amazing what someone can achieve when you keep putting one foot in front of the other. When you keep building up on small wins you can achieve a lot.

From small wins to big wins, in the last few weeks I’ve watched both the Boston and London marathon, both races I’d love to run in the future. Watching elite world class runners in full flow is a sight to behold. However, locally there is a huge amount of road races coming up at the moment. These races are vital to clubs and local charities and supporting them is important. While it’s great for me to watch and dream about international races, sometimes the races that are closer to home are more

My own club Eagle has the Cheetah Run coming up soon, a unique race around
Fota Wildlife Park. Bweeng Trail Blazers have their 5k race, with the funds raised from this
going towards the build of a running track. These are just two of a huge list of races that are the lifeblood of our sport locally.

My golfing will take a backseat for the next few weeks as
the Cork City Marathon is only six weeks away, still a few weeks to get some decent training in. In the meantime I wonder if I could set up a Golf section to Eagle. I know some of the members of my club are keen cyclists and the Eagle Wheelers are regularly on the
road….Maybe the Eagle Swingers will be on a golf course soon! (Ok, the name needs some

Enjoy the week, happy running!

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