Families come in all shapes and sizes

Families come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are large, while others are little. They can be bonded by bloodline, or can be brought together out of shared experiences. Family has been to the forefront of my mind this past week. My uncle James O Neill passed away recently. James was a gentleman and […]

40 year old Marathon Virgin

“Always start with a quote. It makes your blog post look super profound” Martin O’Leary, probably.  I’m in New York to celebrate my 40th and my wife’s.. eh.. definitely not 40th.. ahem… when I realise I can’t escape the cold hard truth – I’m injured, and I need treatment. It’s the start of April, and […]

The long and winding road to Cork

On a training run a few weeks ago I was out with my good friend Derek, we were doing a short run before the Tramore Valley Parkrun. As most runners do while we run, we talk about all things running. We were chatting about our first marathons. Derek had run his first one in Cork […]

Martin’s blog week 13: All aboard the Bweeng train

I have said many times that I try to concentrate on one run at a time. While there is always a long term plan (mine being the Cork City Marathon) the one run mantra helps me focus and makes sure I won’t get carried away with myself. My focus was on Bweeng on Sunday last […]