Cork City Marathon 10km – My road to recovery

Guest blog Jonathan Kenneally Club St Catherine’s AC Instagram profile jk_tri_run_travel A triathlete that hates the bike Injured more than not Signing up and beginning of the journey My 10km journey started when I used the Runners Diary Podcast discount code to sign up for the 10km on January 27th, I said it was a […]

It must terrify and excite. Martins Final Cork marathon blog

‘It must terrify and excite, Ignite and incite, Inflate, elate,  Create anew, Again and Again, The work must Carry on. ‘The Work’ by Stephen O’Leary Above is the final verse of a poem that my youngest brother Stephen wrote called ‘The Work’ and to me it sums up what marathon training and marathon running is […]

Cork City Marathon thoughts by Fergus Munday.

CORK CITY MARATHON AN AFTERTHOUGHT ___ By Fergus Munday   INTRODUCTION I am writing this just over twenty four hours after finishing the 2023 Cork City Marathon. Stiff, blistered and sunburnt but the overwhelming feeling of one of absolute joy in having been a part of it and pride in my own small performance in […]

The final run in!! Martin’s Blog

The calm before the storm. Probably not the best analogy with the beautiful weather we are having but from a running point of view, you might see where I am coming from. The big day is almost here and I can’t  wait. It’s all easy runs at the moment. I ran with some of the […]