Andy’s Blog: Patience is the key to success 

Patience is the key to success
So now that I am able to run again, the hardest thing for me at the moment is keeping it easy. I’m still not fully recovered so just need to stick to easy runs, but all I want to do is a speed session or my favourite run of every week, 20 miles on a Sunday morning.
As runners we don’t tend to be very patient.
Something I realised this week is that running has a great social aspect to it.
I know we speak of health benefits and mental health benefits but it’s also a great way of meeting up with friends for a chat and maybe a sneaky coffee afterwards. Again it’s not until these things are taken away from you that you really start to appreciate them.
Now I know I was able to run with Mary (aka Sarah) and that’s something I love about our relationship, but it’s nice to meet up with the lads again for a chat and a laugh on a run.
I spoke last week about setting yourself goals. I personally need these goals in my life to keep me motivated and give me something to train for and aim for.
Unfortunately the goal I set myself of pacing Cobh 10 miler won’t be possible for me this year as I just won’t be fit on time. That’s OK too though. Just because we set ourselves goals, doesn’t mean they will always happen. The most important thing though is not to let these bumps in the road get you down. Reevaluate the situation and see what’s possible for you in the future. Just because I wasn’t able to achieve this goal, doesn’t mean I’m not going to set more goals in the future. I have the luxury of this blog for putting my goals down in writing. I would always recommend writing down your goals. Be it for the year ahead, setting yourself goals in certain races, or even just in life itself. And look over them every now and then. Your not going to achieve them all, but even if you get to tick off one of them, then to me that is a success.
Another benefit of this blog is accountability. If I say something on this then I will have to try my best for it to happen.
Drum roll please…. my next target race will be the great railway run. I have ran this race the last two years as a build up to Cork City marathon. It is such a great race. Met Damian for the first time at this race in 2022 which to be honest I still don’t know whether that’s a good thing or bad thing, I suppose he’s not too bad.
I would highly recommend this race to anyone who is training for Cork City marathon. The distance ties in nicely to where you should be at in your training plan.
I’m hoping for the week ahead that I will be able to introduce a bit of speed work into my training and maybe even a slightly longer tempo run on Sunday. I’m working closely with my coach Kieran Mckeown at the moment to see what I am able for and what are the best options for me going forward.
So here’s hoping we all have a great week, and that our training goes well.
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