Martin O Leary’s blog: The Road To Dublin

The heartbreaking news from the Ironman, in Youghal, that two athletes sadly lost their lives sent shockwaves around sporting circles and further afield. Deepest sympathies to the family and friends of both men. I take it for granted when I go out for a race, an event or a training run that I will come […]

Featured Fixtures (Part 1)

FEATURED FIXTURE We are trilled to support races all around Ireland and promote these races and the clubs/committees involved. The races featured now have kindly giving us entries for our listeners and followers to win so please keep and eye and ear out for these brilliant competitions. If your race would like to feature on […]

The Echo Women’s Mini Marathon 2023 

The Echo Women’s Mini Marathon 2023 The countdown has started for the Women`s Mini Marathon on Sunday September 17th next. The organisers (The Echo in conjunction with Cork Athletics) are delighted to announce that the Mini Marathon will take place at 12 noon on Sunday, September 17. We are hoping we will have another big […]

Martins Blog (Same Martin, Just with a better tan)

It’s been a few months since Cork but I’m back on the marathon road again. That road leads to Dublin at the end of October. It’s a road I’ve travelled before, back in 2012 I ran Cork and Dublin marathons in the same year. In Cork I did 4 hours 11 minutes, and in Dublin […]

It must terrify and excite. Martins Final Cork marathon blog

‘It must terrify and excite, Ignite and incite, Inflate, elate,  Create anew, Again and Again, The work must Carry on. ‘The Work’ by Stephen O’Leary Above is the final verse of a poem that my youngest brother Stephen wrote called ‘The Work’ and to me it sums up what marathon training and marathon running is […]

Cork City Marathon thoughts by Fergus Munday.

CORK CITY MARATHON AN AFTERTHOUGHT ___ By Fergus Munday   INTRODUCTION I am writing this just over twenty four hours after finishing the 2023 Cork City Marathon. Stiff, blistered and sunburnt but the overwhelming feeling of one of absolute joy in having been a part of it and pride in my own small performance in […]