Martin’s Blog: “Are we there yet” The Road to Dublin

Most people around the country have been watching the Irish Rugby team at the World Cup in France. As the squad and coaches try to reach the promised land of winning the world cup, their performances to date speak for themselves. I’ve been really interested in the language the team and coaches use during press […]

Martin O Leary’s blog: The Road To Dublin

The heartbreaking news from the Ironman, in Youghal, that two athletes sadly lost their lives sent shockwaves around sporting circles and further afield. Deepest sympathies to the family and friends of both men. I take it for granted when I go out for a race, an event or a training run that I will come […]

Martins Blog (Same Martin, Just with a better tan)

It’s been a few months since Cork but I’m back on the marathon road again. That road leads to Dublin at the end of October. It’s a road I’ve travelled before, back in 2012 I ran Cork and Dublin marathons in the same year. In Cork I did 4 hours 11 minutes, and in Dublin […]

It must terrify and excite. Martins Final Cork marathon blog

‘It must terrify and excite, Ignite and incite, Inflate, elate,  Create anew, Again and Again, The work must Carry on. ‘The Work’ by Stephen O’Leary Above is the final verse of a poem that my youngest brother Stephen wrote called ‘The Work’ and to me it sums up what marathon training and marathon running is […]

Families come in all shapes and sizes

Families come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are large, while others are little. They can be bonded by bloodline, or can be brought together out of shared experiences. Family has been to the forefront of my mind this past week. My uncle James O Neill passed away recently. James was a gentleman and […]

The long and winding road to Cork

On a training run a few weeks ago I was out with my good friend Derek, we were doing a short run before the Tramore Valley Parkrun. As most runners do while we run, we talk about all things running. We were chatting about our first marathons. Derek had run his first one in Cork […]

Martin’s blog week 13: All aboard the Bweeng train

I have said many times that I try to concentrate on one run at a time. While there is always a long term plan (mine being the Cork City Marathon) the one run mantra helps me focus and makes sure I won’t get carried away with myself. My focus was on Bweeng on Sunday last […]

Martin O Leary’s Blog Week 11: Fun in the Sun.

Runners and golfers can be quite similar, while the sports are remarkably different, those who participate in both can be comparable. Runners and golfers come in all shapes and sizes. Runners have different running styles and golfers have different types of swings. Both sports are enjoyed and loved by people of all ages. During my […]

40 is the new 25(km)

“You can’t control the past, you can’t control the future, you can control your attitude, effort and performance in the moment”. Bill Belichick, New England Patriots Head Coach Apart from running, one of the other sports that I enjoy most is American football. I regularly tune into the NFL on Sunday nights to watch the […]