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Martin O Leary’s blog: Running is not always about the runners

My club, Eagle AC, has a weekly email newsletter that is sent out to all its members. It’s a vital tool that keeps people informed about race results, club activities, club runs etc. For the past seven years Karen Bevan and Ruairi Egan have held the responsibility for the email , before that, Elaine Guinane […]

Andy’s Blog: Patience is the key to success 

Patience is the key to success So now that I am able to run again, the hardest thing for me at the moment is keeping it easy. I’m still not fully recovered so just need to stick to easy runs, but all I want to do is a speed session or my favourite run of […]

Andy Goulding blog: We’re getting there

We’re getting there Finally feel like I’m winning the battle against this injury. Ran every second day this week, with each run feeling better as the week went on. Met Tadgh O Sullivan Saturday for a few miles which gave me a great chance to up the pace slightly and see how the glute reacted […]

Andy’s blog: Light at the end of the tunnel

Light at the end of the tunnel So I promised last week that I will have a more upbeat blog this week. So here goes….. I’m back. Finally got out for a few runs and can now see some light at the end of the tunnel. Started the week fairly deflated after last Sundays attempt […]

Martin’s blog, Season 2 esp 2: Inspiration is all around

To anyone who went out and raced over the last weekend, I commend you. As one fellow runner put it to me on the day of the Kinsale 10 mile, it was ‘manky’. Has ever a word been so appropriate to describe the weather during the race? It was down right awful. However, that didn’t […]

Andy’s Blog, Week 2 “The less glamorous side of running”

Week 1 of no running complete and I haven’t gone completely off my game, I’m taking that as a win. Got some positive news this week on the injury. So I have a compressed nerve in my glute, which is a right pain in the hole. At first I was told 2 to 3 weeks […]

‘Inside The Race’ Blog 3 of 3, Races from the Race Directors perspective.  

‘Inside The Race’ Blog 3 of 3, Races from the Race Directors perspective.  Race Day review: The 35th Annual Tommy Ryan Memorial Carrigaline 5 Mile February 18th, 2024 Well, the day we were preparing for finally arrived last Sunday Feb. 18th and after some restless sleeping it was an early start for the 2 race directors.  Earlier […]