Martins Blog Week 6: ‘Hard Yards’

“Dogged” – having or showing tenacity and grim persistence This week’s training was a bit of a struggle. While the weather didn’t help, my energy levels weren’t great and I was constantly running on tired legs. On one particular run this week, I had nothing left in the tank and it brought me back to […]

Martin’s blog week 4: Reeling in the years

I have a confession to make. I’ve always doubted that I am a runner. I’m guilty of looking at other people out training or at races and have thought, I’m not good enough to be here with them. I’m unsure where this inferiority complex came from (that’s for a psychology blog!) but I need to […]

Introduction to Martin O’Leary

I decided to email The Runners Diary Podcast 18th of January. I had listened the pod and the lads had put out a call out looking for people to share their journey on the way to the Cork City Marathon. I had recently signed up for Cork and had returned for running a few weeks […]

Runners Diary Cork City Marathon Leaders

We are delighted to introduce you to our Runners Diary Podcast CCM leaders. The plan is to follow their journey over the coming months and track their training and progress. The journey will be similar to many and as we go through the weeks we will discuss the highs and lows and the obstacles people […]