The King is Back…I was only taking a break!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and tried to write anything running related. Well actually, that’s a bit of a lie, I’ve started writing this particular piece a number of times but have never got beyond the first paragraph. There is a reason for this and I’ll elaborate on it as I go […]

Cork City Marathon 10km – My road to recovery

Guest blog Jonathan Kenneally Club St Catherine’s AC Instagram profile jk_tri_run_travel A triathlete that hates the bike Injured more than not Signing up and beginning of the journey My 10km journey started when I used the Runners Diary Podcast discount code to sign up for the 10km on January 27th, I said it was a […]

Running Buddy Blog week 11

Week 11 “This week started in the knowledge that my toughest training was behind me and that the main priority was maintaining fitness, staying healthy and not worrying about gaining “new fitness”. This coincides with the tapering period that I’m sure many of you are familiar with. This update includes my taper plan and the […]

Martins Blog Week 6: ‘Hard Yards’

“Dogged” – having or showing tenacity and grim persistence This week’s training was a bit of a struggle. While the weather didn’t help, my energy levels weren’t great and I was constantly running on tired legs. On one particular run this week, I had nothing left in the tank and it brought me back to […]

Introduction to Martin O’Leary

I decided to email The Runners Diary Podcast 18th of January. I had listened the pod and the lads had put out a call out looking for people to share their journey on the way to the Cork City Marathon. I had recently signed up for Cork and had returned for running a few weeks […]