Andy’s Blog, Week 2 “The less glamorous side of running”

Week 1 of no running complete and I haven’t gone completely off my game, I’m taking that as a win.
Got some positive news this week on the injury.
So I have a compressed nerve in my glute, which is a right pain in the hole.

Andy jumping for joy after getting good news about his injury

At first I was told 2 to 3 weeks and I should be back doing easy runs, I was delighted with that as I honestly thought I done long term damage.
Was in with my physio Tuesday and Friday. It was not a pleasant experience but thankfully I am recovering well and may be able to get back running by the end of next week.

The pool that Andy has being spending to much time in lately

The extent of my training at the moment is walking around the pool for 45 minutes a day like an absolute weirdo.
We are hoping to start a bit of strength work Tuesday or Wednesday but that all depends on how I get on with him Monday.
All in all things are going well on the recovery front.

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Something I got thinking about this week is how injuries effect us mentally as runners. I depend heavily on running for my mental wellbeing, so when I found out I didn’t have that in my life for 2 or 3 weeks I was worried how it would effect my mental health.
I see it so often, when runners get injured, they isolate themselves from everyone and as runners we probably don’t check in enough on our injured friends. Strava, running WhatsApp groups and social media can be very annoying. Your looking at everyone out running and racing while you can barely put your socks on.
If you take anything from this blog this week, it would be to drop your injured running buddy a text, see do they want to meet up for a coffee or a walk, or even just give them a ring for a chat.

With all his S&C, Andy is now built like a tank

I can’t really feel too hard done by though, since I have been taking running seriously the last 4 years, this is my first injury that has actually stopped me from running. I know what it is and I know what I need to do to prevent it. I was trying to get my body to go faster and faster without doing the strength work to back it up.
Lesson learned, I’ll be adding 2 sessions of S&C into my training plan every week going forward.
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