Introduction to Martin O’Leary

I decided to email The Runners Diary Podcast 18th of January. I had listened the pod and
the lads had put out a call out looking for people to share their journey on the way to the
Cork City Marathon. I had recently signed up for Cork and had returned for running a few
weeks previous, nothing major , a few weekly runs and the odd parkrun, but still a start. The
call out came at the perfect time for me. This would make me accountable for my training
and the journey ahead, something I have struggled with in the past. A few weeks later I got the call from Damian and I was in! We recorded the podcast with Brian and Damian and other leaders Ruairi, Joanne and Rachel and we were up and running. I had decided a few weeks ago that I would use the experienced marathon running training plan from the Cork
City marathon website. I guess I felt I was experienced enough with 9 marathons under my
belt. Even though I hadn’t done marathon training in a few years, I liked the look of the plan.

15 weeks, maxing out at 45/50 miles per week, running 5 times a week and at the moment I
am running 4 times a week.

This week training has been good, while my mileage is in and around 39 not anything huge yet I was still inconsistent and got out the door. I ran the Jansen BHAA 5km in Little Island on Sunday (12th
February) . I love running BHAA races, they are incredible value for money and are always
so brilliantly organised. The 5k course in Little Island is fast and fair. I did a few miles warm
up and ran the 5k in 22 mins 31 seconds. I was delighted, but putting most of it down to my
new Nike Vaporflys that were making their debut. I had bought these in the December sales but haven’t been brave enough to wear them yet. I’ve always been an Asics or Brooks man, and I felt like I was cheating on them!! I might cheat again if the Vaporflys keep getting me times like that!! Chat next week, happy running!

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