Andy’s blog: Light at the end of the tunnel

Light at the end of the tunnel

So I promised last week that I will have a more upbeat blog this week.
So here goes….. I’m back. Finally got out for a few runs and can now see some light at the end of the tunnel.
Started the week fairly deflated after last Sundays attempt at a run. I know it had only been two weeks since I had run but for a fella that never had to stop running due to injury, it felt like a lifetime.
Went back to my physio (Brian Fox) on Tuesday and he reassured me while putting me through the world of pain, that I was still only a couple of days away from getting a successful run under my belt. Worked away with my strength work and thankfully managed 4 miles Friday and Sunday. Still sore and uncomfortable, my legs also don’t feel connected to my body but at least I can run and now I have a plan in place to build back up mileage and add a bit of pace when I can finally run pain free.

Guess who’s back

It was only 4 miles but just the feeling of getting out earlier on a Sunday morning for a run is one of my favourite things about running.
This injury has thought me that I need to be patient, I need to listen to my body and I need to think long-term.
There is no point in trying to get back running at pace or upping the mileage until my body is able to take the work load.
There is a long year there and with the evening races during the week coming up soon, I want to be right for them.
I also have a small matter of Cork marathon but we’ll worry about that in a few weeks.

Penny gets to join the “Cranky Crew”

Got to enjoy being a spectator today (Sunday) down at the Killeagh 4 miler.
Sarah was racing so I went down to support her as she has done for me for years. Forgot how nice it is just to watch a race. Usually for a Sunday race, I’m either racing in it or doing a long run so it was nice to be the supportive boyfriend that I am and get the chance to cheer on Sarah and a few other racing friends.
I also mentioned last week that I need to stop entering so many races while I’m injured as I will be broke.
I can happily say I have not entered any races this week but my issues my have escalated ever so slightly. I bought two pairs of runners this week instead.

New Shoes

So it turns out running isn’t as cheap as people make it out to be.
If Sarah sees another pair of shoes being delivered to the house I may need to find alternative accommodation.
All in all it has been a really positive week for me. Its such a relief just to be able to get out for a few miles. It’s not the obsession for running that I missed (yes I am obsessed). What I really missed was the sense of freedom running gives you. Just throwing on the shoes and for those 30 or 40 minutes nothing else matters, well besides how your splits look on Strava but that’s for another blog entirely.
So here’s to another week ahead where hopefully I will be reporting back with some more positive news on my journey to recovery and eventually Cork City Marathon.
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