Andy Goulding blog: We’re getting there

We’re getting there

Andy always has time for his fans, Tadgh meeting his hero

Finally feel like I’m winning the battle against this injury. Ran every second day this week, with each run feeling better as the week went on.
Met Tadgh O Sullivan Saturday for a few miles which gave me a great chance to up the pace slightly and see how the glute reacted to the extra loading.
All in all it was a really positive week on the running front.

Andy chatting to Andrew from PILLAR PERFORMACE

Wednesday night i headed out to the Edge to there open day. This gave me a chance to speak to a few people that were selling products I am really interested in.
Chatted to Precision fueling, didn’t realise they had such a wide range of products. I’m always interested in learning more about fueling options for race day as it is such an important part of your race day plan.
Also got to speak to Andrew from Pillar performance. I currently use Pillar’s triple magnesium, but it was great to learn a bit more about the products I’m taking. I came away with a tub of there immunity support, so looking forward to seeing how that goes for me as well.
Great to chat to Eamon Hayes about all things Cork City marathon and just running in general.
Us runners are mad people so it’s always nice to talk to fellow runners and not have to explain the reasons why we run or that running on the roads will in fact not damage our knees in years to come.

Damian, Andy, Mary, sorry, I mean Sarah and Eamon

Now that I can see some major improvements on the injury front, it’s time to make some race plans and set myself some goals. I always find this is vital for me in order to stay committed to my training, nutrition and everything else involved in getting to the start line of a big race.
As I said before this is just what suits me best, if I just go week to week with races I feel I never really get the best out of myself. Usually my main goal is a marathon and I use all the races that I do leading up to that as a stepping stone to my end goal. Yes everytime I race I give it 100% but when it comes to my main goal race I always find I am mentally and physically more prepared.

Its all about the 1%’s

My first goal is to be fit for Cobh 10 miler in three weeks time. I’m down to pace 60 minutes that day. This will be my third year in a row pacing in this race. There’s something special about pacing, the joy of helping people reach there goals is very rewarding. Strangely enough I get more nervous before a race that I’m pacing more so than one where I’m racing myself. I know alot of people are depending on me to help them and even though I always only pace times that I know I am very comfortable at, I still always get doubts about will I be able for it on the day. Hopefully the next few weeks training will improve and I’ll be able to help a few people get in under the 60 minutes, which is always a great achievement over 10 miles.

So here’s hoping we all have a good week on the roads again this week.

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